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These are the house rules, chargen, and other info for my Gamma World 1st Ed campaign.


  1. Submit to the will of the Great Watcher in the Sky to determine your stats (3d6 six times in order).
    It is FORBIDDEN! to hit Reroll more than 3 times. The weakest did not survive, the strong are few in number.
  2. Choose a genotype and press Select to confirm your nature.
    Pure Strain Human
    +3 Charisma (max 18). d8 for Hit Points. -1 Artifact Use & Operation (lower is better).
    Recognized by Ancient mecha. Cannot be mutated (takes 4d6 damage instead).
    Mutant Humanoid
    Rolls d4 physical mutations, d4 mental mutations. d6 for Hit Points.
    Telepathy: MS 3-12 = None, 13-18 = Telepathy.
    Referee will determine how inhuman you look, you will receive a reaction penalty for it and Ancient mecha will only accept you if nearly human.
    Mutant Animal
    Choose and write your species in Notes, most likely North American mammals, but anything's possible.
    Referee will determine natural abilities but you can make suggestions.
    Looks/Speech: CHA 3-8 = Bestial, 9-12 = Partial, 13-18 = Nearly Human.
    Bipedal: CON 3-8 = Upright, 9-12 = Partial, 13-18 = Non. (unless affected by mutation)
    Hands: DEX 3-8 = Paws, 9-12 = Partial, 13-18 = Nearly Human.
    Telepathy: MS 3-12 = None, 13-18 = Telepathy.
    Rolls d3 physical mutations, d3 mental mutations. d6 for Hit Points. +1 Artifact Use & Operation.
  3. Choose Upbringing and Training. Generally gives a +1 to +4 bonus on any related roll.
  4. Choose Starting Materials, record these in Notes.
    GP (Gold Pieces) are newly-minted gold coins, mainly accepted in towns. 1 GP = 5 Domars, moneychanger takes 10%.
    Domars are Ancient plastic coins, used by nomads, scavengers, and villagers.

    Town Upbringing starts with CHA x 10 GP and must buy all equipment.

    Village Upbringing starts with CHA x 2 GP, PS x 5 Domars, and must buy all equipment.

    Nomad and Scavenger Upbringings start with PS x 10 Domars, plus: (you don't have to take everything, but it's free)

    • Weapon (all): Stone Dagger (WC 2, Dmg 1-4/1-3, Range 20m), Sling & Pouch of 15 Stones (WC 9, Dmg 1-4/1-4, Range 80m).
    • Weapon (one): Sword Frond (WC 3, Dmg 1-6/1-8), Spear (WC 1, Dmg 1-6/1-8, Range 20m), Hatchet (WC 2, Dmg 1-6/1-4, Range 20m), Bow & Quiver of 15 Arrows (WC 9, Dmg 1-6/1-6, Range 100m).
    • Defenses (all): Furs & Skins (AC 8), Shield (AC -1).
    • Carrying Items (all): Sack, Bandoleer.
    • Supplies (all): Clothing, Bedroll, 14 days Dried Food, Tinderbox, 5 Pitch Torches.

    See tables booklet for price list, ask the Referee for anything unusual. Furs & skins cost as clothing, Cured Hide/Plant Fiber as armor, more advanced armors are not commonly available.

  5. Describe your character, choose gender or whatever, explain yourself, in the Notes editor.
    	. on a line by itself to end
    	.D to delete last line
    	.P to reprint all
  6. Enter your Character Name and Fediverse Handle in the boxes, and hit Send to transmit it directly to the Great Watcher in the Sky. Copy the text character sheet below the Mutant Maker for your own records!
  7. Not all details, especially effects of mutations, are determined by the Mutant Maker. We'll work that out in Session One.

Stat Rolls

When faced with any challenge not otherwise handled by the rules, make a stat roll.

On the Mental Attack Matrix, compare your "attacking" stat (top) with the defender's stat (side), or the Referee can set a defense value from 3-18.

Roll d20, and if you roll greater than or equal to the number listed, you succeed. If lower, you fail.


On an attack roll of 20, you always hit, roll and add another die of damage.
On a roll of 1, you always miss.

I don't use the Fatigue rules.

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